RV-Travel-Calendar 2018


now on the market

Arthur and Elisabeth Pauli, long-time travel and nature photographers, have also earned a name in the field of calendar photography. Now they have selected twelve of their best travel pictures for a calendar under the Calvendo label and named it


which means RV-travel or mobile travelling in a camper.

In one's own cottage-on-wheels in snow covered mountains,
enjoying a tea break at a gorgeous lookout,
relaxing at an open fireplace, staying overnight in the open country or in the luxury of a modern campground...
This is pure travel pleasure..

This calendar with twelve atmospheric pictures awakens memories of own unforgettable travel experiences

and makes you want to start your next trip as soon as possible....

This calendar is available in German book stores or at various internet book shops:

DIN A5 (table calendar): ISBN 978-3-669-21323-3

DIN A4 (wall calendar) ISBN 978-3-669-21321-9

DIN A3 (wall calendar) ISBN 978-3-669-21322-6

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